CIV-MOD Announcement

The Civil Modular case includes injured plaintiffs, medical treaters, EMTs, economic experts, loss of consortium and much more

CIV-MOD will feature new and exciting graphical enhancements not previously available in the Lincoln Case

CIV-MOD is currently set to release in the Fall of 2020

See Trial Pro in Action

Trial Pro® is a legal educational tool of the highest caliber

Trial Pro® lets YOU be the attorney in an engaging simulated courtroom

Trial Pro® is for attorneys, students, educators, coaches, anyone seeking to sharpen their knowledge of:

  • The Rules of Evidence
  • When & How to Object
  • Trial & Courtroom Procedure
  • The Proper Structure of Direct & Cross Examinations
  • The Proper Form of Examination Questions
  • The Ethical Rules of "The Profession That Takes The Oath"
    ...and much more

Features List


Realistic, First-Person-View

Has Skynet taken over?! …Not yet, but the Trial Pro simulator will have you thinking it’s real life.

SEE all the action from the eyes of an attorney in the heat of trial.

EXAMINE witnesses in the well, refute objections, win the jury over by mastering the rules of evidence.

HEAR real voices emanate from your avatar, from opposing counsel, the witnesses and the judge. No more reading tiny text on a tiny screen without audio. Hear the voices of real advocates!


Pick Your Avatar. Pick Your Side. And Let’s Call the Case!

YOU CHOOSE the side you want to represent.

In criminal cases, as the Prosecutor you represent the People and pursue justice for the victim. As Defense Counsel you vigorously defend your client by demonstrating reasonable doubt.

In civil cases, you represent the Plaintiff and fight for the rights of the "little guy." As Defense Counsel you zealously seek to deflect the opposition’s claims and ensure justice is preserved for your client


Examine Witnesses and Object to Opposing Counsel

“Examining View” (Asking View)- Examine witnesses in the well, as you would in a real trial. Direct examine your witnesses, and fiercely cross-examine opposing counsel's

“Objecting View” - Object to opposing counsel's questions and opposing witness answers. When you hear a bad question or answer, get up and object!


Use Your Lifelines! Co-Counsel. Sidebars. The Transcript….to the rescue!

CO-COUNSEL to the rescue! If you object improperly, or fail to object, fear not! Your Co-Counsel chimes in and tells you the right evidentiary basis

THE SIDEBAR gives you detailed explanations for all 2,000 challenge questions! So, you can always learn why a certain objection was "Sustained" or "Overruled."

THE COURT TRANSCRIPT allows you to review your successes and your stumbles.


Trillions of Variations

Each witness has over 500 randomly programmed question and answer variants.

The Trial Pro® patented algorithms powering the simulator guarantee a multitude of variants during each examination.

Remember, earn points and achieve a high score so you can move onto the next examination level. Object quickly and accurately.


Comprehensive F.R.E. Materials & Explanations

Trial Pro’s Evidence Manual provides hundreds of pages of comprehensive educational materials, accessible inside the Trial Pro application.

For every single possible objection in Trial Pro, we provide detailed summaries, examples, the rule language itself, and relevant case law that is continuously updated.


Earn Ethics CLE Through Ethics Pro

Ethics Pro is an interactive Ethics Q&A CLE course with Judge Davis.

Play through all 6 modules that cover a variety of different rules of professional conduct.

Unsure why an answer is wrong? Check the Sidebar for a detailed explanation that covers the relevant rules of professional conduct specific to your jurisdiction.

Ethics Pro is currently pending accreditation for Ethics CLE in 11 jurisdictions. We will continue to provide updates on the status of our CLE accreditation across the country.


Coming Soon! New Cases. Virtual Reality…yes you read that correctly.

The Trial Pro team is constantly working hard to bring you a greater variety of legal content. In the future, you can expect to see more cases (both criminal and civil) and witnesses, including topic-specific experts (e.g., construction defect, economists, medical professionals, etc.). To continue improving the realism and interactivity of Trial Pro, coming up the road is...VR technology. Stay Tuned!

Our firm purchased Trial Pro to help our associates stay sharp on their rules of evidence and their objection skills, and get CLE credits. But then our shareholders started using it and we realized that all of us benefitted from it. Kudos to its developers…it’s genius.

Michelle G.

Law Firm Shareholder/Trial Attorney

I teach Evidence and I teach Trial Advocacy at the law school level. The Trial Pro simulator and all of its educational features are invaluable. It provides simulated learning for my students that I cannot provide in my class. With the Sidebar, Co-Counsel, and Transcript features, it is a robust educational experience. With 16 witness examinations in The Lincoln Case, I assign my students to complete a different examination each class. Thank you, Trial Pro!


Veteran Law Professor

I was pretty lost in Evidence class, until I got my hands on Trial Pro. Learning the Rules of Evidence has never been easier or more entertaining. This is a great supplement I would recommend to any law student.

Rachael, 2L

Loyola Law School