Trial Pro’s “Evidence & Advocacy in 8” (EA8) video series is a compilation of educational videos, ranging from 8 to 10 minutes, designed to help attorneys and students improve their knowledge of the Federal Rules of Evidence and their understanding of effective courtroom advocacy principles to be employed during trials and other courtroom events. The EA8 videos are presented by veteran trial attorneys and judges who possess both actual trial experience and who are effective Professional educators. We hope you enjoy this series and learn from it.


Starting in the fall of 2020 Trial Pro will be offering its Premium Content Series to its subscribers. This Premium Content Series is comprised of longer form videos, 20-40 minutes each, providing more in-depth discussion of evidentiary and courtroom advocacy subject matter.

Keep An Eye Open for These Upcoming “Evidence in 8” Topics…

CHAIN OF CUSTODY Establishing the Chain of Custody at Trial
CHARACTER EVIDENCE FRE 405 – Methods of Proving Character
CHARACTER EVIDENCE FRE 406 – Habit; Routine Practice
EXPERT TESTIMONY FRE 701 – Opinion Testimony by Lay Witnesses
EXPERT TESTIMONY FRE 702 – Testimony by Expert Witnesses
HEARSAY FRE 802 - The 6 Questions of Hearsay
HEARSAY FRE 803.1 – Present Sense Impression
HEARSAY FRE 803.2 - Excited Utterance
HEARSAY FRE 803.3 – Then-Existing Mental, Emotional, or Physical Condition